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Working From Home

Working From Home?

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Technology, connectivity - love it or hate it...


Love it or hate it, it is a vital part of your everyday life.  So, when something goes wrong you need to know you have an IT Support Company that you can depend on to get you and your business back up and working as quickly as possible. B&G offers a wide range of services and support to both SME's and Personal, Home users. Whatever the problem, big or small, please give us a call.

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Why B&G?

We not only offer IT Support Services with over 25 years' experience, but we also partner with our customers to provide and build trusted working relationships that will last well into the future.


We don't get too technical with users. Our approach will differ from user to user so don't worry if you are a technophobe, we like to keep it simple.


We understand that IT can stop working at the most inconvenient time and we are here to help no matter how big or small the problem.


We give all our customers prompt and reliable support as we understand your need to be back up and working ASAP.


Each customer has different requirements.

We are flexible and work with you to meet every challenge.