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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

IT support is a central part of business operations to set up and maintain systems, hardware, software, security, backups and storage. Experts providing support for IT systems help to ensure the smooth-running of your IT infrastructure whilst carrying out important updates, fixing issues, implementing security measures and carrying out backups.

Milton Keynes IT Support

There are many different types of IT support to choose from in Milton Keynes as there as many different types of IT and support requests but generally due to the proliferation of certain software and hardware, the core IT support services offered by IT companies are similar. What’s different is the level of expertise, the level of support and the quality of customer service. B&G Consultants have an expert and specialist team with over 25 years’ experience and capabilities to manage your IT needs end-to-end. Being situated in Olney near Milton Keynes means we can provide fast IT support for individuals, organisations and businesses across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area in person and over the phone. We are a Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce Member and understand your business requirements. Over the years we have helped and continue to help lots of businesses of all sizes. In particular small businesses, SMEs and start-ups. We partner with our customers to provide and build trusted working relationships that last.

Milton Keynes is one of the UK’s fastest growing places. Invest Milton Keynes says that it’s the UK’s fastest growing city and at the heart of England’s High-Performance industry cluster. Milton Keynes is a leading digital technology knowledge hub with many tech companies and a large tech community as demonstrated by the Made in MK digital hub. Cranfield University describes Milton Keynes as a smart city and mentions the MK futures 2050 vision to take the population of Milton Keynes to 500,000 by 2050. There is also a massive roll-out of full fibre broadband by CityFibre in Milton Keynes to provide Gigabit-speed connectivity as mentioned by ISPreview. To make the most of this high-speed internet IT support is key in both the setup, the support and the maintenance.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines IT support as ‘technical help or knowledge provided by computing experts’. It also mentions in a workplace context that IT support is ‘a team or department in a company or organisation that provides technical help to people who have problems with its computer systems’ B&G Consultants can be your IT team, your department or support your own IT teams. Our IT support is flexible to your requirements and budgets.

We specialise in providing expert IT support at an affordable price in a simple, helpful, fast and flexible way.

We provide the following types of IT support in Milton Keynes:

IT Support

Help is only a quick phone call away. We help to solve your IT issue quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a problem with your network protocols, connectivity, encryption, files, software configuration, security, CPU, RAM, printing, email systems or a query about certain software or hardware functionality; whatever the IT support query, we can help you solve the problem via remote support access to your machines and on-site visits. We help you to make the most of your IT with expert support and system backups to ensure the safety of your files.

As well as reactive support to issues arising, as a manged service we proactively monitor your systems to detect and resolve problems before they arise as well as maintaining Antivirus protection and Cyber Security measures. We can also advise strategically about the best IT systems to use for different businesses to cater specifically to your business requirements. B&G Consultants are your consultants, we’re here for you and your specific IT support requirements.

Managed Services

We provide IT support on both a reactive and managed service basis to businesses in Milton Keynes and the local area. The benefit of choosing our managed service is that you pay an affordable monthly fee for our expertise to monitor your systems, detect issues before they arise and react to any problems quickly and efficiently. Our managed service helps you to stay focussed on you daily business operations with peace of mind that your IT systems are under control and being managed carefully and securely.


As part of our IT support services, we can also set up and maintain Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems aka IP telephony, internet telephony or internet calling so that you can make phone calls over IP networks via the internet. VOIP internet calls can be cheaper and provide high-quality audio along with systems and tracking functionality. We help Milton Keynes businesses with VOIP services as part of our IT support.

Personal IT Support

We help individuals with their home IT requirements. Home IT support when you need it, to help you get things set up and fix issues. Our friendly team are just a phone call away to help with a vast array of IT support from backups to software guidance and technical support. Whether it be for a desktop PC, Mac or mobile; no matter how big or small the problem, no matter what the device may be, we are here to help.

With the increasing number of people working from home, we can also help you set up remote working systems to get the most out of your business IT and establish communication, video conferencing, video calling and collaborative working systems so that your teams can communicate effectively wherever they are working from. VOIP internet calling also means that you can still securely answer all the same phone numbers from wherever you have an internet connection. Our IT support services can help to make home working easier than ever before whilst also sorting things out for your personal IT requirements.

Remote Support

As we’re local to you in Milton Keynes support doesn’t have to be remote but for speed and convenience, we provide IT support remotely to fix issues, run upgrades, carry out security work and monitor IT systems. We can remote onto your machines to fix issues. Remote means quick service; not quite as fast as a remote control, but fast to solve your issues and answer your queries as fast as possible. We use remote IT support systems to ensure encrypted secure connection in line with the latest security measures and ensuring data protection and compliance with GDPR. A lot of IT issues stem from the software and files on a computer itself, therefore remote support can cater for this and solve many problems. For hardware issues we can advise remotely or come and see you as soon as possible to sort things out.

Remote Monitoring

IT monitoring is a key part of maintaining business operations to detect things which could cause issues before the issues occur. From a security perspective remote monitoring is also important to detect unusual activity and cyber security monitoring procedures. Proactive monitoring helps to give our customers peace of mind and also saves time as issues are less likely to occur.

Patch Management, Updates

To summarise, in IT support patch management means carrying out systems and software updates to maintain IT systems and ensure they perform as best as possible. Patch Management involves acquiring, testing and installing multiple patches (code changes) to ensure that the most appropriate patches (updates) are carried out whilst avoiding bugs and ensuring functionality as well as cross-system integration. As a Datto partner we can use their technology to securely and effectively manage our clients’ IT infrastructure with powerful network monitoring, patch management and remote control.


IT systems are becoming increasingly integrated. This is the case for super high-tech firms in Milton Keynes as well as SMEs and sole traders. Integration brings ease of business, but it also adds complexity and managing that complexity is where B&G Consultants can help. We can help you to set up and maintain the integration of your IT systems as part of our IT support services. Whilst integration brings advantages, increased integration emphasises the need for top-notch IT security. The growth of SaaS (software as a service) and iPaaS (integration platform as a service) exemplifies the growth of IT systems. According to ‘Market Research Future Analysis’ mentioned by SD Times, the global iPaaS market is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 22% between 2017-2023. B&G Consultants can help you navigate the world of IT systems integration, offering advice, implementation and technical support.

IT Support Milton Keynes

Desktop and Server Backups

Good backup processes and procedures are paramount to ensuring business continuity. Accidents happen and files are accidently deleted, and backups prevent the headaches this causes. Equally backups help to mitigate against the risk of hacking and ransomware as a copy of your files and systems are stored safely. Backups are a central part of Cyber Security and IT operations strategy. Our clients trust us for our expertise and our business understanding. We listen to our customers whilst advising to develop the best backup processes to help our customers businesses. We can implement, carry out and maintain desktop and server backups for businesses and individuals. Our backups are done using systems that have the best IT security to ensure the safety of your data and confidential information. Just as we’re your backup for when IT issues arise. We backup up your files and systems for peace of mind, reassurance and to ensure business continuity. Being a Datto partner means B&G Consultants can use their MSP specific technology to set up secure automatic backups.

Office 365 & G Suite Backups

For businesses in Milton Keynes and across the UK, both Office 365 and G Suite are popular for various reasons and are recommended by IT support. However, some people think this data doesn’t need to be backed up because their Outlook emails & Office 365 data is in the cloud held by Microsoft and their Gmail and G Suite Google files are in Google’s cloud storage. This is wrong, SaaS (software as a service) applications are just as vulnerable to data loss as on-premise applications due to human error in deletion, potential malicious attacks or problems with Google or Microsoft. Backing up this cloud data is important to ensure business continuity and prevent data loss.

Microsoft and Google must maintain the availability of their applications and protect their servers from disaster scenarios, but the end user is responsible for the data being created within their applications. Research by Aberdeen Group found that of the companies surveyed, 32% had lost data from their SaaS application with reasons mentioned being: end-user delete, employee over-wrote data, hacker delete, ended SaaS and lost data, mailicious delete, application over-wrote another. Good IT support and backups help to avoid data loss and ensure that your business operations can continue as normal.

G Suite runs on Google Cloud and Google’s Cloud Platform terms of service mention that the customer is solely responsible for securing and backing up its application, project and customer data and that Google and its suppliers are not responsible or liable for the deletion or failure to store any customer data and other communications maintained or transmitted through use of the services. Microsoft says in their services agreement that ‘We strongly advise you to make regular back-up copies of Your Content. Microsoft can't be held responsible for Your Content or the material others upload, store or share using our Services.’ In their service availability section, they have also written that: ‘We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages. In the event of an outage or disruption to the Service, you may temporarily not be able to retrieve Your Content. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.’ They also mention about exclusion of liability for loss of data here & here

IT Support

Business Visits

B&G consultants can visit your business in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area to help you with IT strategy, software, hardware, support and technical advice regarding systems, implementation, maintenance and fixing issues.

Home Visits

As part of our personal IT support we also conduct home visits in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas for home IT requirements, home office and remote working setups. We support you and help you get the most out of your home Information technology systems.

Start-ups, small businesses & SMEs

A particular area we have a lot of experience in is helping start-ups and small businesses establish their IT systems whilst providing technical support and ensuring IT security. We help small businesses from their beginning and throughout their future growth into SMEs and beyond. We understand small businesses need to move quickly in a start-up environment and we provide a fast and helpful service.

PC & Mac Support

Whether at work or home, B&G Consultants offer both PC and Mac support helping you make the most your operating system. Whether it’s technical support, virus protection, updates, Mac compatibility or other IT support needs. You name it, we can help and help quickly to solve your IT issues.

Wi-Fi Optimisation

Fast Wi-Fi is an essential part of business and household activity, whilst available broadband speeds determine the raw speed of upload and downloads. A lot can be done to optimise and improve the signal distribution of Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi optimisation is a key IT support service we provide to help our customers get the most from their internet connection.

IT Security & Cyber Security

Research carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has found that ‘small firms suffer close to 10,000 cyber-attacks daily’ and the FSB says that the annual cost of such attacks to the small business community is estimated to be £4.5 billion. As part of our IT support, as IT security experts we provide comprehensive IT security advice and solutions for businesses and individuals. We investigate and determine what security measures you are undertaking and what solutions we can implement to improve your IT security as well as processes and staff awareness. Our Cyber Security experience is extensive. We understand, can advise on and implement Cyber Security measures to defend against hackers. We know the antivirus protection and firewall systems required and we know how to safeguard and encrypt your data to keep your information safe. Many businesses across Milton Keynes and the local area trust our expertise and benefit from our proactive monitoring and fast reactive response times. As part of our Cyber Security services we can also provide DNS filtering, password management and Dark Web monitoring via our Darkweb Defender services.

Our Mission

As experts in our field we provide IT support and IT security services to help keep our customers businesses running smoothly. We’re dedicated to supporting your business and personal IT requirements. People choose and stay with B&G because we simplify complex information to make IT support and security easier to understand and because we’re helpful, fast and flexible. We are here to help, no matter how big or small the problem may be, and we are flexible to meet customer requirements.

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